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Kevin + Stefanie | married

We were so honored to be a part of Kevin + Stefanie’s wedding. Not only were they quite easy on the camera, they are some of the most genuinely kind andVIEW FULL POST »

Will + Molly |married

We had a phenomenal time being a part of Will + Molly’s recent Chattanooga wedding. Here they are, in their own words! Where did you meet your fiancé? We metVIEW FULL POST »

baby goats…

John and I mentioned a few weeks ago that my parents are hosting some adorable goats on their property and that 4 of them were pregnant!  It’s joked that weVIEW FULL POST »

Dana + Chris | engaged

Years ago, we met Dana while photographing her sister’s wedding. Then, two years ago we met Chris as we photographed his sister’s wedding! After a fewVIEW FULL POST »

Foggy Mornings | our life

Monday morning came around, and we had a bank of wonderful fog rolling across our entire hillside. It was nice to take a deep breath, and to just try to absorb theVIEW FULL POST »

the best flour-less chocolate chip cookies!

Our family enjoyed a vacation to the beach over Easter.  It was such a special time to laugh together, rest and reflect!  We got home about 12:30 am last night andVIEW FULL POST »

5 tips for getting the most out of your engagement session

This area is coming to life with blooms, color, and fantastic springtime weather. It’s also a very popular time for taking engagement photographs. John and IVIEW FULL POST »

the last breath of Winter | our life

We had a blast when Winter finally decided to roll through our area one final time. Just when we had almost packed up all of our hats, gloves, and heavy jackets, weVIEW FULL POST »

Kathleen + Austin | engaged

I enjoyed getting to know Kathleen + Austin as we photographed recently. Not only are they incredibly nice, we reminisced about France, where all of us have had theVIEW FULL POST »

Companies that give back…brewing up our next giveaway!

It’s time for our next giveaway. John and I love, I mean…LOVE coffee. We have a special line item in our budget just for coffee. I recently stumbledVIEW FULL POST »

Allison + Tom | engaged

I recently met Allison + Tom for a fun outdoor photo shoot! What a fun couple; we can’t wait for their late summer wedding! Where did you meet your fiancé? WeVIEW FULL POST »

trying to record a video about ourselves…

We were asked to record a short video about ourselves and one of our favorite wedding images. Not only were there way too many takes to get it even close toVIEW FULL POST »