At the end of
the day, what

Your wedding is the
start of the most important story of
your life.
endures? love.

The memories you're making now - the traditions and legacy you're forming that your children will continue - that's what really matters. We hope that you can look back for years to come, point at a photograph and say, "this is where it all began."

You'll be able to glance at the photos on your wall and remember the vows you took and the love that started it all. We are so honored to do this job. It reminds us daily of our own beginning and refocuses us on what's important. We want to share that with you. To affirm this decision and to give you tangible images to tie you back to the start. We would love nothing more than to be there for the start of your story.

our favorite Things Each other

Our Kids

Our golden retriever, Molly

The mountains of Tennessee

our small town


Hold Fast system
Meet John I focus on creating fashion-forward, beautifully crafted imagery--often with good old-fashioned film! I obtained a Fine Art degree from Belmont University and spent time studying photography and art in France -- working in the darkroom, developing all of my own prints. Our first two years of shooting weddings, we were FILM only! We actually developed the images in the darkroom! Now we utilize both film and digital tools to tell your story.
Meet Lindsey In addition to being a wife and mother, I’m the business half of Bamber Photography. I am passionate about building relationships with our couples and walking with them along this journey. I absolutely love capturing those images that will stir a memory for our couples for years to come! We waited more than seven years before having children, so I really wanted to be able to stay home the majority of the time with the kids. It is something that we both feel passionate about, and now we feel so blessed to be able to work together at home with our kids!