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About Us

  We are John and Lindsey Bamber. Working and

photographing together is our passion. We still

believe in love – and will celebrate our 10th wedding

anniversary this June. Each wedding is a new day to

be able to create something unique and memorable for

those that we’re privileged to photograph.

  As of September 2011, we have been

photographing weddings together for 10 years.

John received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography

at Belmont University, coupled with a year of study at

L’Ecole Regionale Des Beaux-Arts in Angers, France.

Most recently, he was awarded a residency at

France’s prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure

de la Photographie, where he studied for six

months in Arles, France.

  Lindsey  obtained a Master’s degree in Education and

began by assisting early on, then began photographing

full-time in 2006, enjoying the storytelling aspect of the day.

It was clear that she was a natural,  and she’s been a

vital part of the photographic side of the business

ever since. John is the fashion-forward image-maker,

while Lindsey is the patient photojournalist.

Together, our perspectives marry storytelling with

style for a very complete documentation

of the wedding day.


promo images courtesy of Motion Picture Co.