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Raj + Carolyn | married

I had the pleasure of working alongside my friend Meggie Velasco at an amazing Indian wedding in East Tennessee. It wasView full post »

John + Cameron | married

We were thrilled to be a part of John + Cameron’s wedding at Chattanooga’s Hunter Art Museum. Because itView full post »

Matthew + Kelly | married

We’ve been so honored to be a part of Matthew + Kelly’s wedding. I had an incredible time getting to knowView full post »

Jeremy + Lara | married

Lindsey and I had a fantastic time photographing Lara + Jeremy’s wedding. Though the weatherView full post »

Andrew + Erin | married

It was the hottest day of the year, at 108. I had been out of the hospital for just seven days after my appendix gotView full post »

Stephen + Maggie | married

Ever since visiting Monteluce Winery in Dahlonega, GA with our family a couple of years ago, we couldn’t help butView full post »

Mark + Deanna | married

Lindsey and I were fortunate to photograph Mark + Deanna’s amazing wedding in Marietta, GA. A lovely bride,View full post »

Mark + Lia | married

Mark + Lia’s fabulous Vatican wedding! SharePinterestTwitterFacebookView full post »

Barrett + Gretchen | married

Lindsey and I had a fantastic time getting to photograph Barrett + Gretchen at Cleveland, TN’s beautiful BlackView full post »