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Jonathan + Erin | Married

It was such a pleasure working with Erin & Jonathan over the weekend. We began the day at First Cumberland Presbyterian which is one of the most beautiful churches in Chattanooga. Erin was absolutely stunning in her dress from Anne Barge, and she and Jonathan were a dream to photograph.We always love working with Soirees because they make everything go so smoothly on the wedding day. Taylor, Morgan, and Brittany work so well together, and their attention to detail lets everything shine!Helen and Rob of Humphrey’s Flowers did the flowers and they were BEYOND amazing.The reception was at the amazing Read House and as always, Philip from Soundforce got the party started. You can click here to see all of the images!  They are all ready to view!

001_djb_scoggins_0690.jpg 008_djb_scoggins_1471.jpg 005_djb_scoggins_1104.jpg 002_djb_scoggins_0925.jpg 003_djb_scoggins_0289.jpg 004_djb_scoggins_1014.jpg 006_djb_scoggins_1282.jpg 007_djb_scoggins_1341.jpg 009_djb_scoggins_1784.jpg 010_djb_scoggins_1961.jpg 011_djb_scoggins_2009.jpg 012_djb_scoggins_1411.jpg 013_djb_scoggins_2348.jpg