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I’ve known Meredith for a few years now. She’s always tremendously positive, adventurous, and fun. I had an awesome time getting to know Meredith and her fiancé Colby at their recent engagement session.  So when she called and mentioned that she was going to rappel down a 280-foot building just hours before her wedding, it wasn’t completely out of character! Yet still surprising/awesome/worth clearing the calendar for…

Meredith was to rappel down Chattanooga’s 280-foot SunTrust building, helping to kick off the River Rocks outdoor festival. Over the Edge is a national fund-raising organization brought to Chattanooga by the Boy Scouts of America, that specializes in fund-raising campaigns where participants must raise enough money to be able to descend one of a city’s large buildings.

The next step was a visit to our friends at the Boutique Couture, where Emily and the girls customized a Jasmine Bridal gown specifically for Meredith and the climbing harness necessary for her descent! Once she was correctly fitted in both harness and gown, and had been through a stringent series of safety checks (as well as a test-run on a 12-foot wall), we headed towards the edge!

As I got close to the edge, my mind knew what was about to happen, but little could prepare me for the view, as my cameras instinctively followed Meredith “over the edge.”

My only regret was that due to some elevator trouble, I wasn’t able to race to the bottom of the building fast enough to catch the last of her descent from a lower angle. Here is my perspective of the events! Thanks also to Canon USA for sending me a copy of their new 8-15mm fisheye lens to try out!


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  • Kristin Oudean Urani - John…. you are the most amazing person I know…. Thank you for the great example you are to my kids and quite frankly even… to me. Great job on the pictures. God have truly blessed you with an awesome gift. Thank you for sharing it!ReplyCancel