Payton + Trae | engaged

We feel so honored to be a part of such a special time in our couple’s lives, so what better way to reveal their engagement images than with a little bit about what makes this couple unique?

How did you guys meet?

Payton and I probably first met at a young age. Her brother Tucker and I were in K-2nd Grade together and we have “known of each other” for that whole time. I first started talking to her from a relationship perspective when I asked her to my senior prom.  She was a sophomore and we went to different high schools.  She was a bit startled that I had asked her, it caught her off guard, but she agreed to go!  Unfortunately, this was volleyball’s first interruption of our lives together and she wasn’t able to attend because of a tournament.  We continued talking though, after the prom conversation.

What was your first date?

Our first date was to O’Charleys, then to Perkits Yogurt, then walking on the Cleveland Greenway. Payton ate NONE of her food. 🙂 Fun fact about this: we broke up during the middle of our dating tenure and when I asked her to be my girlfriend again, we had the same date.

Was it love at first sight?

For me, it most definitely was love at first sight.  It took her some time, haha. I thought I had found the one and wasn’t willing to let her go for ANYTHING. Unfortunately, this didn’t play out in my favor because I pushed her away as a result of being “too serious” 🙂 She broke up with me on my birthday, after throwing me a surprise party. I tend to not let her live that down 🙂 (There is more to that story she would say, I’m sure!)

Where did you get engaged?

We got engaged on June 22, 2013 in Pearland, Texas. Payton and I have two dear friends, Grace and Olivia Underwood (They are twins that play volleyball with Payton at King).  She was visiting them for the week and I flew down and surprised her on a a pier at the beach with the ring!  She had no idea.  I washed her feet that day, the same thing I did when I asked her to be my girlfriend for the 2nd time 🙂 haha and told her the next day I would do it would be our wedding day.

What’s your favorite thing about the South?

We would probably both say the mountains, and just the area in general. We love to travel, doing outdoor activities and just seeing the sights. Above all things, we love FOOD in the south. Payton and I will drive for miles just for a unique or authentic meal of some sort. Our friends are here too, that helps a lot. A place is only as cool as the people you are in it with.

Favorite Southern City?

I know it is local, but we sure do love Chattanooga!


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