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Leica S camera / Contax 645 lens | gear

In this camera review, I’ll be shooting a medium format film camera, shooting side-by-side with a digital cameraVIEW FULL POST »

Ryan + Melissa | married

We loved being a part of Ryan + Melissa’s wedding day. Not only are they kind and genuine people, but it was likeVIEW FULL POST »

Ken + Beth | married

We had a fantastic time being a part of Ken + Beth’s recent wedding. Not only are they two of the nicest peopleVIEW FULL POST »

JB + Becky | married

We had a blast photographing JB + Becky’s recent wedding. Not only did they keep us laughing throughout theVIEW FULL POST »

Scott + Taylor | married

Lindsey and I were so honored to be a part of Scott + Taylor’s wedding! It was a beautiful andVIEW FULL POST »

Rustic Wedding Handbook | published

John and I were honored when Maggie asked to use a few images from Gretchen and Barrett’s beautiful wedding atVIEW FULL POST »

Jordan + Tiffany | married

Lindsey and I had a blast traveling to our nation’s capital for the wedding celebration of Jordan + Tiffany.VIEW FULL POST »

Dave + Janelle

A few years ago while photographing Brandon + Anne‘s wedding in Chattanooga, we met Janelle. When she gotVIEW FULL POST »

Seth + Mary Clare | married

Some people pray for a beautiful wedding day, while others might pray for cool weather. I’m not sure what sort ofVIEW FULL POST »

Stewart + Lindsay | married

Lindsey and I had an amazing time getting to know and photograph Stewart + Lindsay. Such an amazing couple, and itVIEW FULL POST »

Patrick + Margaret | married

We recently had the pleasure of photographing Patrick + Margaret’s beautiful wedding on Signal Mountain, TN. WhatVIEW FULL POST »

The Knot: The Carolinas | published

We absolutely adore Kelly and Paul! We were so excited to have their wedding at the NC Arboretum featured in the SummerVIEW FULL POST »