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the last breath of Winter | our life

We had a blast when Winter finally decided to roll through our area one final time. Just when we had almost packed up all of our hats, gloves, and heavy jackets, we got our first “real” snowfall – about 5 inches. So I wound up the ’59 Rolleiflex with some Kodak film, and documented the kids as they enjoyed the fresh powder. It definitely challenged my skills to photograph action with this camera (and get it in focus) but I was happy with the final results! Jack and Lola had an amazing time getting towed around on their sleds by their Papa on his Ranger.

014_rollei_0003 015_rollei_0005 016_rollei_0006 017_rollei_0007 018_rollei_0008 019_rollei_0010 020_rollei_0013 021_rollei_0015