Winter Olympics 2014 – Sochi | personal

Like many in the Southeastern U.S., we’ve been snowed in for a few days. Some have had ‘cabin fever’ while others worked from home, and shoveled snow. I decided to begin preparations for a lofty goal: the Winter Olympics in Sochi, (Russia) 2014. Yes, many of you might only know me as a photographer…but I’m also a sledder (or slider) at heart. The Olympic version of sledding is actually called “skeleton“…I’ve chosen to continue doing my hardcore training on this championship purple plastic sled. 🙂

My new training regimen has been tough…Molly the Dog is my coach…she barks at me as I cross the finish line, and kinda roughs me up after a crash. Thankfully, she stays out in the cold as long as I have treats. My loving wife Lindsey has been an awesome cheerleader; her go-to phrases are: “don’t get hurt,” and “remember, you’re a father now”, as well as the classic “watch out for those trees, dear!” All in all, I’m really thankful to have all of that support.

My diet has changed a bit as well, and I’m really focusing on the protein from chili, as well as the energy derived from York mint patties. It’s just insane what these drastic diet changes have done for me…

So, here’s to 2014…look out, Shaun White! Team USA, here I come!


p.s.: thanks to Lindsey — my PR agent and cheerleader — for this fantastic photo shoot!


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  • Becker - 1. You will never live this down. (Luke says you won’t need to, cuz by 2014 you’ll be in Russia anyway.)
    2. I think it’s time you trekked down your driveway.
    3. …this looks like fun.

    Warm thoughts,

  • admin - Glad you thought it looked fun….feel free to contribute to team USA (via me) by donating York mint patties.ReplyCancel

  • linda - It’s the purple sled! It just makes a man want to see if the snow will turn colors on the way down! MOMReplyCancel